After caring for his patients' preventive and restorative needs for over 8 years, Dr. Bruce Howell has decided to no longer practice at Longmont Dental Health - now known as Dental Health Colorado Longmont (please read the Google & Yelp Reviews ).

In Dr. Howell's opinion, dentists are expected to use their experience and clinical judgment in decisions about patient care. During his 35+ year career as a practicing dentist and as an associate professor at the University of Texas Dental School in Houston, he has been dedicated to staying at the forefront of new dental technologies and techniques when caring for his patients. Although he is familiar with and trains on new technologies, from his experience, new technologies should never serve as a substitute for a dentist's clinical judgment and should never dictate a course of treatment. In short, Dr. Howell refuses to drill on teeth based solely on indications from a technology, including laser fluorescence.

The Longmont Dental Health office recently purchased two Sopro cameras that are based on laser fluorescence. This technology purports to assist in the early detection of surface cavities (called occlusal caries). Quoting this article, "experts say the new devices are easily abused, and can lead to filling teeth that are not decayed". Click HERE for more information on this laser technology. Depending solely on this technology can result in over-diagnosing and over-treatment.

The Longmont Dental Health office, where Dr. Howell formally cared for his patients, is part of a Boulder based dental group. Throughout the years, Dr. Howell has been aware that this group has tried concepts including counting taste buds, taste testing, pH testing saliva, and something called Coda Kitchen. In Dr. Howell's opinion, these are not mainstream concepts in the practice of dentistry.

A recent concept adopted by this group is called "ProBiotic Dentistry" which is marketed as helping patients to rid their mouths of "poo." Dr. Howell does not agree with this marketing approach. He does not believe that "ProBiotic Dentistry" is effective, but believes it is similar to other non-mainstream concepts that the group has previously embraced.

Because of Dr. Howell's objections to these concepts and other philosophical differences on patient care, he ended his relationship with the group.

Dr. Howell is very happy to announce that he has accepted a full time practice opportunity with the Smile Generation Dental Group (Pacific Dental), with office locations throughout Colorado. He will again be able to provide same day crowns, onlays and veneers using Cerec ® CAD/CAM technology. Additionally, the group has in-house specialists to take care of all your dental needs including an orthodontist (for braces & Invisalign ®), a periodontist (who places implants and treats advanced gum disease), an endodontist (who does root canals) and an oral surgeon (for removal of wisdom teeth and other surgeries).

Please check this site for updates as to when and where Dr. Howell will be available for appointments. You can also call him on his personal cell phone at 303-641-7059. If you are having a dental emergency, the Longmont location, Longmont Modern Dentistry in the heart of The Village at the Peaks, can help you.

Dr. Howell's new website is